As of today, it has been reported that FriendFinder’s network was breached and exposed over 412 million user accounts!  This breach affects those using AdultFriendFinder, Cams, Penthouse, and many other adult themed sites.  Remember that when Ashley Madison was breached 32 million accounts were affected.  This is more than 500% larger than the Ashley Madison breach.

The company made some large mistakes.  Firstly, it was reported that they stored passwords in plaintext.  Basically just as secure as putting your password onto a large billboard.  Additionally, they made another oops by storing logins for Penthouse, which they no longer own.  If you had an account and deleted it, they didn’t delete your info from their network and your also at risk.

This is serious on a level of cyber negligence and failure to protect data, while also  failing to destroy data that they do not own anymore.

FriendFinder has found a way to fix the vulnerability, but is it too late?  It is too late for the millions whose passwords were obtained.  If you used any sites in the FriendFinder network, be sure to change your password.

An official statement from the company has not yet been released.


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