Everyday, I am asked about my recommendations on cloud based tools to help promote and grow small business.  Some tools are for productivity, others are for marketing.  No mater what the case may be, I have decided to launch a new series here at NathanNeil.com called The Cloud Guide.

Almost everyone posts to social media on a regular basis and almost everyone watches video on social media daily.  Video draws people in, but many businesses do not post video to their social media pages.  Video increases engagement and awareness towards your brand.  The VP of Facebook has stated that “90% of the content by 2019 will be video.”  Here is my question, are you prepared?

If you are not prepared and not posting video regularly to your social media channels than you need to take a look at the cloud product RendrFX.  Recently named Startup of the Year in Erie, RendrFX provides a way to plug and play graphics to create high quality video.

Making a video with RendrFX is easy and I am proud to say that I am a customer.  My “Knowledge Worth Sharing” video series used RendrFX for the intro and outro video.  You can do much more than that though.  RendrFX also provides the capability of making:

  • Logo Reveals
  • Social Media Videos
  • Explainers
  • How-To Videos
  • Event Promotion
  • Motion Graphic Templates

Their platform is so easy to use.  Since using their service, I honestly believe that my YouTube channel is attracting much more traffic.  Just drag in images, add content, music, and hit render.  You do not need a super powerful computer or expensive software.  Their platform does all the heavy lifting for you.

Below is an example of using their software to create a promo video for a mobile application.  It is so simple to use and the plug and play graphics are high quality.  Your videos will look great and you can push out video content to your social media channels so easily with this, which is why for video creation, RendrFX is my cloud guide pick!




Knowledge Worth Sharing Videos: Intro & Outro Made With RendrFX


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