I am often asked on my recommendations for tools to help streamline the management of business projects.  From my experiences, Basecamp is the only project management app that covers all bases.

It makes your work easy and helps you efficiently run projects. From preventing the buildup of emails files within your emails system, to to-do-lists, and constant reminders. It makes coordination easy between the internal management and the client progress communication. Here are five advantages that will make you get yours today.

the-hard-way2x-7074212ca16c9caa8ef18e23a3710c7a500074fbefeb4ab13b7a976fbd9ccbfaEverything’s and everyone is on the same page

Basecamp is the only project management application out there, which has single page projects. That helps you and your team to be on the same page all the time. It keeps you and your team informed of the next step to be taken and how it is to be taken, regardless of how big or small the project is. Even if you have a series of over 50 projects running at the same time, no data will be lost, and your team will be able to follow the projects quickly and easily.

It is diversified

Basecamp has both personal and business options. Initially, business owners and small entrepreneurs are the only people who used it. Now it has advanced to an individual plan that helps people organize their projects and at the same time keeping followers of the project, who are not in the company updated. The good news is that the personal plan has the same features as the business one.


It has a to-do-list

Basecamp makes follow up with specific tasks and individuals easy. The to-do-lists are spot on. They can be assigned to individuals or groups and have due dates added, so everyone knows when the deadline is. It also enables you to add comments on the to-do-list, which is helpful when it comes to analyzing specific tasks that some people are working on.

Easy and secure files transfer

Basecamp application is useful for your small business since it can handle large files. It quickly transfers files such as images, visuals, PDFs, and wireframes to the projects that you are working on. To make things easier for you and your team, add a message to this files and they will be automatically classified to the files section of your basecamp for everyone in the project to see.

It is mobile

Portability is important to every small business owner. This has been made possible and easy by Basecamp applications. It clearly gives you a comprehensive overview of your projects progress wherever you are. Basecamp has everybody covered. It has official mobile applications for iPhone and Android users. It also has helpful third party solutions for Windows and Blackberry users. It also provides a chat option function. That enables you to chat with your colleagues about a challenging project or discuss an upcoming deadline or just a casual conversation.

Basecamp offers you a variety of plans to choose from to make your small business grow and expand. These include; Online simple start, online essentials, online plus, online essential with payroll and online plus with payroll.

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