You could be wondering why it is so necessary for you to get a virtual phone system for your small business. Listed below are some benefits that come with it, to enhance your small business.

There are many reasons, but the most important factor is finding a good provider.  Here we have found you an excellent provider, Grasshopper.  Grasshopper is a great tool that we use for several businesses and it has made life easy!

The Flexibility You Need

It gives you the luxury of managing your business from anywhere. It does not matter whether your customers are local or international. If all your clients live in Miami, you can simply get a Miami area code even though you are operating the business from Texas. That means your business is portable it is all on your cell phone whenever you go. Every small business owner wants to grow his or her business, if you want to give a National presence, you will just get a toll free number that is between 1-800. This number is much more efficient on the online business sector and builds more trust with your customers since you are known for a wide.

Mobile Optimized

You do not need expensive gadgets such as computers, laptops, or phones to use Grasshopper. All you need is the mobile app. Once you have it, you can use Grasshopper from your IOS and Android devices. That way you do not have to skip a holiday with your friends or family since you can work from anywhere anytime.

No Need to be Tied to a Desk

Many small business owners answer the phones themselves or hire a receptionist to do it. That leads to a complete waste of time, money, and energy. With Grasshopper, you can leave your front desk or switchboard unattended as you ran other errands since all the phone calls will be forwarded to your cell. You can forego the landlines altogether and stick to the cell phone. It is even better since all your voice messages are transcribed to your email.


The first impression in your small business is what will determine whether that customer will purchase from you again. Grasshopper, virtual phone system, has a professional voice talent that records a custom greeting that welcomes all of your callers. An official number also enhances the professionalism and seriousness of your business.

Increases Organization and Enhances Operations

When operating a small business, you might lose touch with everyone since you are forever at your business trying to make things work out. This affects the balance between your work and life. Grasshopper virtual phone system will help you organize yourself better. It provides a schedule for you to answer calls when you are available. If you are not available, it will send the messages directly to voicemail and email so that you can contact the customers later


Saves money & Lowers Overhead

The main purpose of business more so, a small business is to minimize costs and maximize profits. When running your small business, do not bother hiring an assistant when you can have one on your phone.  With grasshopper, all you need to do is log in to access the portal if you have trouble doing anything just contact the customer support group, who are available 24/7.

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