Ubuntu 16.04 LTS features a great user interface (UI).  Two of the key elements in this UI are Unity and Launcher.  These tools make the user experience easy, while also being innovative in design and interaction.

The Unity UI in Ubuntu 16.04 has been very much improved and features a variety of updates.  The launcher bar integration has been updated to integrate with the file manager and devices.  Support has been added for formatting USB devices from the quick list.  They have also improved the Unity Control Center and have increased the level of theme support.

If you are used to Windows or Mac OS X, now you can move the Launcher in Ubuntu to the bottom of the screen instead of the left side.  This will make the migration experience a lot simpler.

If you are not sure what some of that means that is ok, we will guide you through it.  In the tutorial video below, we explore Unity, Launcher, and the appearance settings of our Ubuntu Desktop.

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