Pokemon Go has been a massive success! It has been breaking records for downloads and mobile application usage.  There are some features that fans of the game will want.  A staple of the Pokemon games has been the ability to trade Pokemon with friends, but right now Pokemon does not offer this.

Trading Pokemon with NFC

Some exciting news has come from the game’s developer, Niantic.  They have confirmed that they plan on implementing a trading system for trainers . While it is still a rumor, the game will use near-field communication (NFC) to streamline the trading process for trainers.  Players would simply have to touch their smartphone against another player’s device for the transaction to be made, if these rumors are to be believed.  NFC provides the perfect way of doing this as it is more secure than Bluetooth and works within close proximity of devices.

NFC is a logical choice for Go as the technology is now standard across most smartphones and Apple’s iPhone. Now, Apple to date has restricted NFC to Apple Pay alone, but this is sparking rumors that the game may cause them to open up the technology this fall.

In the video below, the host explains the anticipated plans for Gen 2 release.  He discusses the trading system at 4:40 in the video, but it sounds like this is coming very soon!

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