When Steve Ballmer was CEO of Microsoft, they failed to keep the most valuable company in the world at the top.  With the purchase of Nokia and the utter failure of Windows 8 adoption, Microsoft hit an all time low.  They were not innovating and fell greatly behind the mobile revolution.  After taking a huge loss on the bad Nokia deal, Ballmer stepped down.  Satya Nadella then took the helm as the new CEO in February of 2014.

I have often complimented the future that Satya Nadella was working to build at Microsoft.  Over the last four quarters, Microsoft has delivered great profits.  Beating analyst predictions, it doubled Azure revenue.  They have achieved a scale that their CFO Amy Hood said is making Azure substantially more profitable.

Additionally, Microsoft’s Bing search, now is capturing a third of the market.  They have moved from a boxed software company to a company that has steady revenues from selling subscription based cloud services.

The moves that Satya Nadella produced in making friends in the open source community have been successful. The release of Visual Studio Code, a free cross platform editor, has proven to be a great tool that runs on all operating systems.  Facilitating a version of Microsoft that runs on ARM processors, like the ones in the Raspberry Pi, have also been well adopted.

Windows 10, has been greatly praised for the most part and widely adopted with over 300 million installs.  The new OS also has great customer satisfaction ratings, making up for the poor ratings they had with Windows 8.

Microsoft, now past the poor deals like Nokia are making great ones.  The purchase of Minecraft was mostly praised by most and a great deal on their part.  Their current acquisition of LinkedIn, has mixed reviews, but I see some large profitable potential for them from the deal.

Still not back at number one, but making great strides, the Satya Nadella Microsoft is now number third in the world.  A market cap of $419 billion isn’t bad and it is safe to say that, Satya Nadella has steadied the company and positioned it for long term growth!


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