A new form of malware for Android devices is out there called HummingBad.  Experts are issuing a warning to all Android users.

This annoying malware program was first discovered in February and has been closely watched, with a recent status update stating that it has gone from “Bad to Worse”.  Security experts and researchers have been studying the malware for five months to figure out its operation.

The report states that after the malware was successfully loaded, it establishes a rootkit on the Android device.  It installs a variety of fraudulent apps and generates large amounts of ad revenue for the hackers.  It also opens the door for the hackers to control tens of millions of Android devices.

The latest count of systems effected by HummingBad’s efforts is an estimated 10 million devices, but the numbers don’t stop there. It is estimated that through the malware, the hackers are able to earn $10,000 per day in their fraudulent advertising.

The security consulting firm Check Point, explained that this malware could enable targeted attacks on businesses or government agencies, or sell personal data on the black market.

“The team responsible for developing the malicious components is the ‘Development Team for Overseas Platform’ which includes four groups with a total of 25 employees,” wrote Check Point.

See the video below for more information from CNet.

How to Kill HummingBad

It can be removed and corrected, but you are not going to like the answer.  You have to do a full factory reset of your device, since it roots itself deep into the phone.  Note that of the 10 million devices only about 289,000 are in the US and it mostly affects older Android devices.


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