With over one million eye scans, Google intends to use this information to teach computers how to diagnoses eye diseases.  AI in society often has negative stigma from movies like “Terminator” and “War Games”, but IBM Watson has been making patient treatment plans for those suffering from cancer with great success so Google’s DeepMind diagnosing eye illness seems like a great societal contribution.

A British Eye hospital has just signed a deal to use this AI to learn from the medical records of patients to teach the computer system to recognize common eye diseases, which can be difficult to diagnose.  As humans, we are not perfect.  Even the most skilled doctors can make errors.  Physicians that diagnose these issues are wrong about 20% of the time.

AI or Artificial Intelligence could allow the machine to learn from millions of records and scans and make a more accurate diagnosis in a matter of seconds.

Many worry about privacy, but Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind offered reassurance.

DeepMind operates autonomously from Google and patient data will never be linked or associated with Google accounts, products or services, Suleyman said.

Earlier this year the DeapMind AI beat a human champion at a board game three times in a row.  The machine picked up the game through playing itself millions of times and analogizing millions of games online, developing a nearly flawless algorithm.

AI that can help improve our lives, live longer, an have a higher quality of life are on the for front.  Many are still skeptical and nervous, but I am looking forward to where this can take us as a society.

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