Last month, my book Securing Business Data was released for Amazon Kindle.  What is so exciting is that through eBook distribution my message on establishing a core value of data security can reach the most people!  Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read the book for free and it is also available in the Kindle Lending Library.  If you do not have Unlimited or Prime, you can purchase the book for $3.99,

This book covers topics that are vital to establish a core value of data security and prevent potential data breaches. We take a look at the hardware and software components like firewalls, antivirus, and anti-spam. We also take a perspective on securing your website, mapping out where your data and devices are located, in addition to providing the reader with information to establish strong employee policies and procedures. A unique quality of this book is that it even goes into detail on how to present your new core value for data security to employees.
nathanneil_JPG (1)This book is designed to help managers, technology coordinators, and human resources professionals to have all the procedures in place to protect their businesses from data breaches. The first chapters of this book look at the hardware and software side of protecting your business or organization. It’s important to have a good foundation of security in terms of hardware appliances and security software.

Many security consultants focus on attacks that come from external forces. External attacks are a substantial threat; according to the Online Trust Alliance these attacks account for 40% of breaches with the loss of personal information. Many foreign governments target U.S. intellectual property and businesses.

While having established hardware and software elements is important, many businesses miss securing the human element of data security. You may have had your business secured from externally caused breaches, but another 29% are caused either accidentally or maliciously by employees or contractors.

Most often, these internal breaches are caused by mistake, miseducation, or misdirection. This book covers those topics to help educate staff, put proper policies into place, and ensure that you are protected on the inside.

This book takes a multi-level approach to data security and can apply to multiple business departments.

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