With all of the data breaches that I have reported on and researched in the last three years and the lack of an overall action plan for businesses to establish a core value of data security, I felt an obligation to put together a book to help business owners and managers to put the policies and procedures in place to protect their business.  My book, Securing Business Data: Establishing a Core Value For Data Security, will be released later this month, exclusively on Amazon.  The book covers a variety of topics, including how to assess your hardware and software protection measures, along with the more vital item of addressing the human element of data security.

nathanneil_JPGThe first three chapters of the book cover the three main basics of security that I mention here and on 103.7 frequently, including: firewalls, antivirus, secure password policies, and system updates.   The forth chapter is a long chapter and really dives into assessing your website security and elements to consider when hiring a web developer and maintaining a secure website.

As the book continues throughout the rest of the chapters, we look at policies and implementation of these policies to secure the human element of your network security.  We cover the importance of employee education and quarterly security audits.  One of my favorite chapters, covers how to properly introduce these policies to employees and how to present them with a positive attitude to gain full staff cooperation.

While we have not set an official release date for the book, you can expect it to be on the Amazon store within the next few weeks.

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