Over the last month I have been asked several times from Apple users, why their family members are getting their texts and contact data among other things.  The reason for this is that many families share an Apple ID so that everyone in the house hold has access to purchased content.  The problem is that, while this does allow the whole family access to the purchased content, it also allows the whole family access to your personal data.

While, I highly recommend having completely separate id’s for security there is a way to remedy this.

Think of the Apple ID’s role in two parts:

  1. Storage of data you purchased or downloaded from iTunes
  2. All of that personal data such as your calendars, messages, etc.

What you can do is create an ID that is just for purchased items to connect to the iTune’s store and seperate ID’s to setup the devices.

Once you have created the separate ID’s do the following:

  1. Go into your devices settings and click on iTunes & App Store
    1. Set this to your shared “family” ID
    2. Make sure that your personal ID is not in the fields here
  2. Go into iCloud
    1. Remove the shared ID if present
    2. Enter in your personal ID
  3. Make sure your personal ID is also entered for the following:
    1. Messages
    2. FaceTime

These steps should allow your family to share the iTunes account, but have your personal data completely separate.

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