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The Syma X5C is a great starter drone. It is easy to fly and also easy to take apart and repair. If you need to replace damaged LED’s or motors you will need to do some soldering.

To remove the top shell to see the controller card you must first remove the landing gear, which slide right out. Once the landing gear is gone remove the four screws that were under the landing gear. On each arm of the quadcopter on either side of the LED is a screw, eight in total, remove these and place them to the side.

There is two additional screws that need removed. To find these lift the battery hatch. The two screws are located directly inside the battery hatch. Once you remove them you should be able to remove the top of the quads shell and expose the drones controller. From here you can solder and replace the LED’s and motors.

Parts for the Syma X5C are pretty easy to find and affordable.  This was the first drone I purchased and it has been the easiest and most affordable to repair and learn how to fly.  Below is also a very interesting how to video that shows you how to modify your Syma X5C to support a first person view.

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