This tutorial video is the first in our new HTML series.  We will cover the core basics of HTML and then expand upon this in later videos.

HTML Stands for:

Hyper Text Markup Language
Markup languages use markup tags.
HTML documents use HTML Tags to describe the sites content!
What you will need for these tutorial videos:
-Plain Text Editor
-Notepad or Programmers Notepad

What are html tags:
Tags are keywords inside of angle brackets!
Example: <tag>This is Content</tag>

Tips for Understanding Tags:
1. Tags normally come in pairs
2. First one is the opening tag
3. Closing tag has a slash </tag>

Tags used in this tutorial:

<html> – describes an HTML document
<head> – information about document
<title> – title for the document
<body> – describes the visible page
<h1> – describes a heading
<p> – describes a paragraph

Other Notes:
Make sure to save HTML documents with .html extension


Project Source:

File Name: tutorial1.html

<title>HTML Basics</title>

<h1>We made a HTML page.</h1>
<p>This is our first tutorial on HTML</p>

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