NFC: The Best Choice for Pokemon Go Trading

Pokemon Go is gaining exponential growth.  With more active users daily than Twitter and more downloads than Tinder, it seems clear that this application has a large quantity of interest.  The game allows people to capture Pokemon, which are creatures, when they are out and about.  I remember when I was a young boy, I would play the handheld Pokemon games on an old Gameboy.  With the old games, the player did not get much physical activity.  With Pokemon Go, the world is your playing field.  I think this is a great game concept because it forces users to get some exercise to find and catch their favorite Pokemon.  The one thing missing is trading your Pokemon with others.

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Apple Rumor: Open NFC for Developers in September 2016

There is not too many people that realize that Apple’s form of NFC usage is restricted to Apple Pay only.  The company stated putting NFC in their iPhone 6 product line, but to date, the iPhone only offers one mode of usage.  The iPhone currently uses a limited portion of the card emulation mode to facilitate payments using NFC and Apple Pay for payment terminals.

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